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Eternity Financial Alliance is one of the Most Unique Financial & Insurance Powerhouses of America

We bring the most reputable, well-founded, financial and insurance service providers together to serve individuals, families and business owners from all walks of life. Our Elite Power Alliances from: insurance, retirement, tax-planning and estate planning, we are a “go to” source for families and business owners’ financial needs and obligations.



Our vision is to change the status quo of the financial and insurance services industry by providing unprecedented value to our clients, virtually for all of our services. We believe the relationships between us and our clients are sacrascent.



Our mission is to guarantee our fullest efforts in making a difference by providing stability, security and growth for all of our clients. We treat everyone as “one” and family, ensuring the relationships that we build from day one are based on trust and integrity. 



Our goal is to provide our clients with clarity of their financial scope in these 3 easy steps:
1) Educate on financial principles to planning
2) Assessing where they are today and analyzing their financial goals for tomorrow
3) Establishing and taking on a financial road map to achieve their financial objectives for the future









Financial Security Through Education

Our focus is to assist individuals, families, and business owners in understanding basic and advanced financial concepts. We believe that there is a large ‘gap’ in the financial system. The ‘gap’ is that many Americans are unaware of the BASIC financial concepts that affect them every day. This makes it difficult for individuals to make sound financial decisions for themselves and their family’s future.

We Like to Take Our Time

Our Professionals are encouraged to take their time with clients and to not engage in official planning within the first meeting. We would like the clients to be well-informed and educated prior to engaging in any planning towards their financial goals. This approach enables families to assess their own situation and make informed decisions at their own pace without any unnecessary sales pressure.


Financial Health Analysis


What is a Financial Health Analysis?

A Financial Health Analysis (FHA) is a process we walk our clients through where they get a better understanding of their financial scope by utilizing these 3 steps:
1) Assessing where they are today
2) Analyzing their financial goals for tomorrow
3) Establishing their financial road map with confidence and precision.
With our unique FHA Process™ we map out a specific outline of your finances that will provide you clarity and in control of your financial future.


What Happens During a FHA?

During a FHA, our Professionals meet with individuals, families or business owners to gather detailed information in order to evaluate the direction you’re currently headed financially. By understanding what your goals are and completing our assessment, we establish a financial road-map with course corrections, placing you on track towards your financial dreams and goals.


Solution / Plan

We believe that families don’t need another product but they need a plan – a solution to their financial challenges, obstacles and/or just a more efficient way to go about their current plan. As we meet again, this is where we enlighten you with custom tailored financial solutions on how to achieve your financial goals.



We Care – We believe every family should have the opportunity to be financially secure, free & prosperous.

In today’s digital age, there is an abundance of financial knowledge available. Despite all this, the average family in America lacks the basic literacy required for a safe, secure and vibrant financial status. We empathize with the hard working Americans earning an income and contributing in today’s economy. We believe that people don’t need another financial product, they first need to the basic financial education in order to make better sound decisions for their future.

Let’s not fear speaking the truth: there is a lack of trust within the financial and insurance services industry. In fact, according to the latest poll done by Gallup over 50% of the population of the United States lacks trust with financial institutions.

We understand the reservations and are here to serve you and break any stereotypes. We believe in “Loyalty, Integrity & Respect” goes a long way. We promise to do all that we can in our power to do what’s best by you and your family to earn that trust for a long lasting relationship.


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