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Financial Resolutions Check-in: Are You Making Progress?

January 30, 20243 min read

As we navigate the year, we must pause and reflect on our progress, particularly concerning the New Year’s resolutions we set at the beginning of the year. A check-in gives us a rush of accomplishment, a clearer understanding of our goals, and a rejuvenated drive to work toward them.

New Year’s resolutions, for many, are an entrenched tradition that symbolizes a fresh start. Although these aspirations may be ambitious or modest, they serve as personal milestones that help guide individuals toward self-improvement, personal growth, and fulfillment.

Usually, people embark on various resolutions, ranging from physical wellness objectives and starting a healthier diet to monetary goals or personal and professional aspirations like mastering a new skill or climbing the career ladder. Irrespective of the goal types, we must recognize the steps we have taken towards their realization and the ones we still must accomplish.

Still, others make financial resolutions and set goals they want to establish. It’s vital to check your progress occasionally as a motivational tool and a reality check. If you made financial resolutions, how are you doing in these areas?

8 Reasons
  • Reducing debt

  • Saving more money

  • Spending less

  • Paying off credit cards

  • Contributing more to retirement saving

  • Reviewing insurance coverages

  • Planning for your future goals

However, during such check-ins, it is expected that we lost our enthusiasm since the beginning of the year. Stress, unforeseen circumstances, or lack of motivation can deter our commitment to resolutions. When faced with such scenarios, it’s vital to remember that progress is not linear, and it’s okay to experience setbacks.

A setback can empower us to recalibrate our plans, adjust timelines if necessary, and recommit our resolutions with renewed vigor. Here are a few ideas to help you reset your strategy to keep your resolutions front and center:

Annuities are specifically designed to minimize risk and enhance the value and security of your portfolio. With a range of options available, including fixed, variable, and indexed annuities, you can choose the product that best meets your needs. Annuities offer a valuable tool for diversification, allowing you to balance risk across your portfolio while also providing a safety net for your retirement savings.

When it comes to choosing an annuity, it's important to do your research and work with a financial professional. Annuities can be complex products with a range of fees and features, so it's essential to understand the product you're investing in fully. Your financial professional can help you determine the best annuity for your needs and provide valuable guidance throughout the investing process.

Write your resolutions down. Writing resolutions in a notebook, on a chalkboard, or on Post-it notes makes them ‘physical’ and more accessible to work toward.

Place your resolutions where you can see them. Having your resolutions somewhere where you’ll see them occasionally is a good idea. Some ideas are to place the resolutions on your fridge, bathroom mirror, computer screen, or in a picture frame somewhere in your home. Place each resolution independently so you’re not overwhelmed if you have multiple ones to tackle.

Tackle resolutions one at a time. If you’ve made multiple resolutions, choose one you can successfully establish. Once you’ve addressed your first resolution, move to the next one, and so on. A sense of accomplishment can motivate you to keep going.


New Year’s Resolutions check-in is essential to our journey towards self-improvement and personal growth. It serves as a compass, guiding us toward our aspirations while allowing us to reflect on our accomplishments, reassess our goals, and rekindle our commitment to personal evolution.

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