It’s Not About What You Know - It’s About
What You Don’t Know.

Edward Malekan

Ceo & Founder


Edward Malekan, Founder, and CEO of Eternity Financial Alliance brings over 15 years of combined executive leadership, financial advising and team-building experience to his role as leader of this industry-changing company.

His path to leadership is marked by his lifelong quest to be a trusted financial resource responsible for helping individuals, families, and businesses understand and plan for their financial futures.

Edward’s love of numbers, interest in business and understanding that financial decisions should be holistic, started at a young age. Following in the footsteps of his parents, business owners themselves, he embraced the concept of ethical business practices. He saw how his parents were able to build a business based on trust, with word of mouth as their primary advertising vehicle. It was also through his parents’ experience with financial advising that he saw first hand how destructive “one size fits all” advice could be to families. He vowed to change how business is done in the financial industry by making lifelong learning, integrity, and honesty his primary tenants.

This commitment to ethical business practices has served Edward well throughout his career. In his early professional life, he was able to earn the position of Senior Director in his firm with responsibility for recruiting and building teams. He was the youngest individual to open up new offices successfully, backed only by his confidence in his ability to achieve the impossible.

While Edward enjoyed financial success, at times he questioned his ability to provide the value-added ethical service he held so dear. As a keen observer of his business environment, he determined the only way to do business in a way that benefited the people he wanted to serve would be to open his own firm. Once he set his mind on the goal, with dedication and determination, he created an action plan and executed purposefully.

Today, Edward has changed the status quo of the financial and insurance services industry by providing unprecedented value to his clients, almost acting like their CFO. Edward believes that the relationship between him and his clients are sacrosanct and the quality of those relationships matter.

Not only did Edward change the industry for his clients, but he also changed the way his agents developed their own businesses. To Edward, honesty is just as important for his team as it is for clients – he does not sell his team on pipe dreams. “Success has a price and you won’t get it easily,” he’ll tell his team. For financial professionals who join his team, Edward provides support and a pathway to self-determination. He considers his agents to be his partners on a collective journey of success.

Edward can best be described as bold, fearless and focused. A passionate, powerful, and motivated force in the financial industry, Edward creates impenetrable alliances with like-minded professionals within finance and across industries – bringing his dream full circle.

Power Alliances

Our clients come first – always. We understand that many individuals, families and businesses we serve are in need of assistance in completing extensive planning. Needing attention in areas such as: assets under management, tax-planning, estate planning, real estate lending and asset protection.

For that, we have our “Power Alliances” that are committed to working together, collaborating when needed. “You’re only as strong as your missing link” and at time, your plan is missing that link. Due to that matter, we look to solidify the plan by providing our proven and trusted professionals in the areas needed for our valued clients, if and when needed by our client’s request.

We are keen in collaborating with like-minded professionals who share the same beliefs and principles as we do while still providing the most prestigious, competitive and “white glove” service to our valued clientele.

We’re here guiding you through every turn of your financial plan towards prosperity. With Eternity Financial Alliance, you’re not just a client – you’re one of us.


I’ve experienced first-hand the pain caused by “one size fits all” advice and seen the destruction it can cause. It’s as a direct result of this experience that I founded Eternity Financial Alliance – to provide unprecedented value to my clients in an “ethics first and always” environment.

My clients describe me as straightforward and principled. I’ve never been afraid to tell a client that their existing financial plans are perfect for their needs. I always remember that I am dealing with someone’s parent, child, husband, wife, grandparent, uncle or aunt and treat them with the same care and respect I have for my own parents.

My peers describe me as a deep thinker, analyzing prior to setting a course and executing the plan based on my analysis. Considering all the possibilities in my analysis has allowed me to achieve my goals without being paralyzed by only one option.
Consequently, many of my peers become partners very early in our relationship.

My team knows my door is always open, I encourage them to speak their minds and give feedback. Conflicts are never ignored but rather resolved with conversation and reason, allowing us to build rock-solid relationships based on trust through
understanding one another.

LinkedIn Summary:

As Founder and CEO of Eternity Financial Alliance, I have committed to being a trusted financial resource responsible for helping individuals, families, and businesses understand and plan for their financial futures through:

  • Traditional & SEP IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Annuities
  • Tax-Free Retirement Income Strategies
  • Defined Benefits & 401(K) Profit-Sharing Plans
  • Defined Contribution Plans
  • Life Insurance — Temporary & Permanent Cash Value
  • Premium Finance: Kai-Zen & Tri-Zen
  • 401(K) 403(b) & TSA Rollovers
  • Corporate Level Pension Design & Administration
  • Buy-Sell Agreements between partners
  • Advanced Retirement Planning (Individual & Corporate)
  • Estate Planning
  • IRA Legacy Planning
  • Charitable Giving
  • College Funding
  • Asset Protection & Preservation
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long Term Care
  • Investments

Linkedin Summary

The best come-backs follow your greatest setbacks… Allow the pain of failure to take you over emotionally only for a short period, then turn that emotion into a burning desire to elevate your efforts 10-fold – Edward Malekan


I want to help you bring your financial vision to reality. I believe in creating alliances with like-minded, yet humble people in other areas of finance, insurance, tax, lending, investing and legal, most times, I find it takes just one conversation - feel free to reach out and connect.