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Retirement Solutions

Retirement Solutions Designed for Business Owners

As a business owner your needs are unique and many times the traditional retirement plans don’t fit your needs.  Traditional plans limit how much you can contribute and limit your access to funds when needed.  

We have multiple solutions that are tailored to meet your specific retirement and growing business needs.



Private Retirement Plan

TRUST-CFO® Private Retirement Plan Programs
We have developed several Private Retirement Plan (PRP) variations to tactically maximize asset protection values and tax savings of specific asset classes while also minimizing management costs.

  • PRP Cash Shield℠
  • PRP Investment Shield℠
  • PRP Business Shield℠
  • PRP Tax Shield℠
  • PRP Accelerator℠


We also have formalized financing resources to assist our clients in maximum funding without disrupting other investments, critical cash flow or business returns. It is important to note that our plan fees are fully tax-deductible as a business expense to the sponsoring company which helps cut costs. Furthermore, PRP tax savings generated from the PRP Plans are often multiple times greater than the required administration fees, making TRUST-CFO® a valued profit-center to a business instead of a cost.


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