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Eternity Financial Alliance is one of the Most Unique Financial & Insurance Powerhouses of America

We bring the most reputable, well-founded, financial and insurance service providers together to serve individuals, families and business owners from all walks of life. Our Elite Power Alliances from: insurance, retirement, tax-planning and estate planning, we are a “go to” source for families and business owners’ financial needs and obligations.


Company Sponsored 401k Plans

For states that are requiring employers to implement a State Mandated Retirement program, we offer solutions to help you implement, comply, and provide great value for both you and your employees. We offer a variety of qualified retirement plans to meet your needs 401k and more. We know as a business owner you are extremely busy and learning about these regulations and implementing them can be overwhelming. We make it simple & easy for you.

Executive Bonus & Key Person Plans

An executive bonus plan is offered as a bonus to the employee, which is directly deposited into a life insurance policy. The bonus is considered to be compensation and is deductible to the employer and taxable to the employee.

Key Person 

That’s why it’s important to have an insurance policy that will help keep a business afloat even without its most valuable employees. Key person insurance is a life insurance policy that a business takes out on its most valuable employee or employees. A policy can also include a rider for disability coverage to help if a key employee is disabled.

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Buy Sell Agreement Plans

Many business owners choose one of two buy/sell agreement life insurance plans. They include:

A cross purchase plan – A cross purchase agreement depends on each business owner buying a life insurance policy on each of the other owners. Then, when an owner dies, the remaining owners use the payout from the life insurance policy to buy the deceased owner’s share of the business.

An entity purchase, or stock redemption, plan – Each employee-owner enters into an agreement with the business to sell their interest in the business. As part of the agreement, the business buys life insurance policies on the lives of each owner. The business pays the premiums and therefore exists as the owner and beneficiary of the policy. When an employee-owner dies, that share of the company passes to the heirs of his or her estate. Then the business can use the policy’s death benefit to buy the interest from the estate.


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